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Monday, January 17, 2011

Xbox Kinect For Xbox 360

Xbox Kinect
“Xbox Kinect” is a new, full-body interaction system for use with the XBox 360 game console. It allows players to interact with games in an entirely new way, by using their bodies as the controller. 

Xbox Kinect For Xbox 360

Only a few years ago, the thought of someone virtually entering the gaming world was implausible. However, with today’s innovative technology, the impossible is gradually becoming possible. Microsoft’s release of the next chapter of gaming through a whole new system, which is called Xbox Kinect, was first introduced at the electronic convention, E3, in June 2009, Microsoft’s one crippling flaw was that its Xbox series only attracted a select group of “hardcore” gamers. Therefore, one of Microsoft’s main goals in creating Xbox Kinect is to attract gamers of all ages and skill levels. By using an interactive gaming experience similar to the Nintendo Wii’s, which is popular among players young and old, Microsoft hopes to achieve the same results by changing their system altogether. The one difference between the Wii and Xbox Kinect is that Xbox Kinect does not utilize any handheld controllers. Instead of a conventional video game controller, Xbox Kinect has an infrared camera that picks up on the gamer’s movements. It also operates with a distinct voice recognition device that will clearly distinguish one player from another.

About Xbox Kinect From Video:

For example, in the racing games, the gamer steers by holding his or her hands into the air, as if holding a steering wheel and accelerates by moving his foot forward as if stepping on a gas pedal; to use the turbo, the gamer has to do a gear-pumping movement with his right arm. Microsoft’s Marc Whitten credits Nintendo with setting things in motion: 


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