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Friday, January 21, 2011

ZF 9 Speed Automatic Transmission

German transmission manufacturer ZF has developed the world’s first nine-speed automatic transmission for passenger vehicles equipped with a transversely mounted engine.

ZF has introduced a transmission to power the increasingly prominent (80 percent of vehicle worldwide) front-wheel drive vehicles that are needed in order to optimize fuel economy.

Although the primary benefit of ZF’s new transmission is a dramatic improvement in fuel economy, the transmission producer also produces an increase in performance as well. One way it achieves that is through the use of a new shock absorber system in the torque converter, which makes a rapid lock-up of the converter clutch possible, and also means better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

The new nine-speed front-transverse transmission will provide for “extremely short response and shifting times are clearly below the threshold of perception.” This means that double shifts and direct multiple gearshifts are also made possible. Despite making these claims,

Production will begin in 2012 and will take place at ZF’s South Carolina factory,

Similar to ZF’s eight-speed automatic gearbox  currently used in rear-wheel drive vehicles from Audi, Bentley, BMW, Range Rover and Rolls-Royce the nine-speed will be better suited to premium front-wheel drive products.

ZF says the new transmission delivers extremely short shifting times and is exceptionally smooth, utilising electronic controls to select the right gear for the driving conditions, eliminating unnecessary stepping and constant shifting.

ZF President and CEO, Hans-Georg Harter, said the new nine-speed transmission would also offer enhanced driving performance and fuel economy over the brand’s conventional six-speed automatic.

“ZF’s new nine-speed enables significant fuel economy improvements and delivers excellent performance characteristics for front-wheel drive vehicles,” Mr Harter said.

He confirmed the new nine-speed transmission would be built at a new manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Details of its application (i.e. which vehicles it will be used in) will be announced in the coming months, although upcoming Fiat and Chrysler products are already believed to be among the first to benefit from the new technology.

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